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Would It Be Better to Hire a Professional Substance Abuse Interventionist?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

When the person struggling with addiction is not willing to go for treatment, then you are left with no other choice but to contact a professional interventionist. You could try to do it on your own with other family members, but if you had the training to deal with drug addiction your loved one would be in treatment, right? So contacting a professional interventionist will increase your chances of getting real help for the person battling addiction. No one can force a person to get help but there can be sufficient pressure imposed by the person's environment and people around them that they begin to change the mind about their lifestyles. This can be seen when the drug addict gets arrested and ordered to rehab or jail, the person wakes up in the emergency room with an overdose. All these tend to increase the environmental pressure to change their way of life and get help. Intervention makes that happen.

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Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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