Will Using Crack Increase the Risk for Violence?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Monday, 09, December 2019

Violent behavior that is caused by drugs is inevitable, but each drug provides a different effect and affects the user, in particular ways. Crack cocaine can be linked to violent behavior, but so can every other drug and alcohol. The violent behavior is coming from the individual, the environment they are in, and the motivating factors and a catalyst such as drugs. Crack cocaine will alter a person's state of mind, and make them more paranoid and anxious, which has the potential to lead to violent behavior. Using crack cocaine specifically does not increase the risk for violent behavior, more generally, using illicit drugs will place the risk there for potential violent behavior to occur.

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However, within every major city, town, or community where crack cocaine is being sold and used, there will be instances of violent behavior, because that is what drugs have the possibility of doing. When someone is arrested, charged, and convicted of crime, where drugs were directly involved, it is important to get help. Too many people become caught up in a cycle of crime and addiction, and never truly escape the problem. Most criminal-justice systems can offer offenders drug treatment, and many prison systems will provide drug rehabilitation within the penitentiary. An addict who is prone to violent behavior can be effectively treated, and it may involve long-term care, and intensive counseling, but it can be done. Stopping the on-going cycle of crime and addiction is important, and there are resources available to help.

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