Will I Lose the Tuition I Paid If I Go to Substance Abuse Treatment in the Middle of the Semester?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 10, December 2019

No, you will not lose the tuition you paid if you go to drug rehab during your college semester. However, if you have a problem with an addiction you must communicate this and ask for help. You are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are doing the right thing and asking for help, you cannot get kicked out of school or lose your tuition because of substance abuse. Typically, every university and college in America has a medical withdrawal policy in place. This medical withdrawal policy covers substance abuse issues and allows students to leave school to deal with their addiction. When you come back from drug rehab, you can pick up where you left off. Most university or college websites or student services has this policy available for you to read. The policy will clearly state what it is you need to do to petition for a medical withdrawal.

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If you ask your school for help, they will help you; every school wants their students to do well and graduate. You must put your concerns aside and not worry about anything else but your current health. Any type of drug or alcohol addiction simply becomes worse when it is left untreated. You should not worry about your friends, job, classes, or anything else but getting help for your addiction. Each year within the United States, overdose deaths rise. Problems with binge drinking and prescription drug abuse are rampant within college campuses. It is easy to develop an addiction, and or continue with an already existing drug problem. You may worry about the money that has been spent to pay for your degree. Of course, you want to graduate college within the time the program is. This is still possible while you go to treatment.

If you focus on your recovery for the time required, you can still complete your college degree within the two or four-year period. When you complete drug rehab, you simply pick up where you left off at school. It is the circumstances where you do not take your recovery seriously, and it ends up taking twice as long to complete your college degree. The first step is to ask for help and reach out to the student services on campus. When you finish treatment, staying sober in college is difficult, but not impossible. Having a pre-existing addiction does make it hard to stay sober at college. And colleges are not the best places for recovering addicts, yet it is still possible to remain drug and alcohol-free. There are also some college campuses with recovery dorms. There are also colleges that provide full recovery and academic programs. Recovery dorms use 12-step meetings and peer support. For example, Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has more people in recovery than any other college in the country. If you ask for help and speak to the right people, you will not lose your tuition, and you can finish your degree.