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Why Is Heroin Such a Popular Drug in Florida?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Heroin poses a threat to Florida because of how widely available the drug is and how frequently it is abused. Heroin is a popular drug in Florida because opioids are the second most used drug in the state, and most prescription opioid addicts end up using heroin because it is cheaper than prescription pills. Heroin is not legal to obtain or use in any state, and there are a few reasons why heroin is widely used in Florida. Accessing heroin in Florida is easy because it is a southern state and heroin is coming from Mexico. Heroin addicts in Florida are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old. The rising use of heroin is attributed to the once rampant access to prescription opioids. Florida was once the state where prescription pill mills and doctor shopping started a trend throughout the rest of the country.

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Heroin is a growing epidemic throughout the state, and many addicts struggle to get treatment and find programs that will help them. Most heroin addicts struggle to achieve sobriety because of how difficult the withdrawal pain is. Heroin creates dangerous withdrawal symptoms, which require medical detox or medication-assisted treatment. A MAT program is often a common approach used by heroin addicts to help them make a transition into treatment. The average heroin addict is also resistant to long-term treatment. A long-term residential drug rehab program is the best option that a heroin addict has to beat his or her addiction.

Much of the heroin that is being used in Florida is cut with fentanyl, which is a deadly drug and is responsible for countless overdose deaths. If you are struggling with an addiction to heroin, it is important you reach out for help. Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state, whether private or state-funded will provide you with the proper assistance you need.


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