Why Do so Many Teenagers Experiment with Drugs?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Wednesday, 18, December 2019

Drugs are unfortunately always available, and most teens are exposed to them very early on in school such as with marijuana or alcohol. Marijuana and alcohol are two of the most commonly abuse drugs by teens and this also includes nicotine. There are many reasons why teens' abuse drugs and alcohol, but the most common reason is both drugs and alcohol were available to them and the effects they felt were pleasurable enough to use them again. Every teen does not end up trying drugs or drinking alcohol in excess, but there is a large percentage that does.

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Other reasons why teens would begin to experiment with drugs would be because of a trauma they may be experiencing or struggling with. Many teens become stressed because of school, and drugs offer a way to escape that stress and avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. Some teens will come from dangerous and abusive homes and use drugs to cope with the problems they face at home. Anyone can find a reason to use and abuse drugs, and unfortunately when teens begin to experiment with drugs at a young age, it will lead to further problems later in life.