What Types of Rehabilitation Methods Are Offered at a Christian Treatment Center?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Sunday, 08, December 2019

Christian drug and alcohol treatment centers used clinical and evidence-based treatment methods, along with incorporating spirituality. It is about integrating faith into recovery and having spiritual principles of recovery. Many of the programs do use the 12-step method, but this is only one approach among many. Spiritually, there can be daily devotional groups for addiction recovery. This is often a group discussing issues and concerns, answered prayers, and providing encouraging words for other patients. Some of the treatments could focus on overcoming the guilt and shame attached to being addicted to drugs, such as looking at the root causes and underlying issues. This is often done with evidence-based methods and a more clinical approach. However, it does highlight the patient's faith and rediscovering this faith. Programs can help patients manage emotions and overcoming emotional obstacles. There is often substance abuse education, such as identifying the triggers causing relapse. Many Christian programs will take a biblical approach to resolve things such as anger. A patient can learn to redirect their focus on how they got hurt, to that of forgiveness.

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If the program is directly connected to a church, there will be local church services and events. For example, patients may have the opportunity to go to church on Sunday. There could also be recovery ministry services, prayer meetings, and workshops focused on recovery. Bible study is also common, and this is often done weekly, focusing on biblical principles. Counseling approaches consist of group and individual therapy. For example, individual faith counseling addresses the addiction but also focusses on the rediscovered faith. Life skills and emotional coping training, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and learning-based approaches are effective. When an addict can learn new life skills and tools to prevent relapse, it makes it easier to maintain sobriety. Because Christian treatment centers place a focus on spirituality, along with physical and psychological treatment, there may also be holistic or nutritional components of rehabilitation. Drug abuse takes a toll on the body and mind, and it is important to become physically healthy again. Nutritional therapy and holistic treatment will help do this and is part of the overall rehabilitation process.

Each program is essentially different, and it does depend on whether the facility is outpatient or inpatient. The length of time for treatment also determines what rehabilitation methods are used. Long-term treatment options have the ability to offer more because they have the time to do so. Outpatient rehab may also provide more options because the patient can attend aftercare after treatment at the same facility. Short-term drug rehab centers do pack a lot in during the time you are there. All of these options incorporate the Christian faith and faith-based approaches. When searching for a Christian drug treatment center, it is important to consider the options and find one that will meet your needs and requirements for your addiction.