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What Types of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services Are in Washington D.C.?

Last updated: Friday, 24, September 2021

Drug Rehab Services provides a directory listing of the different drug treatment resources available throughout Washington D.C. When you contact DRS, they can offer an initial assessment and help guide you in the right direction for rehabilitation that will work for you. The same drug treatment methods do not work effectively for every person addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some addicts require more in-depth treatment, such as long-term residential programs. There are not extensive options available in the district, but addicts can access hospital inpatient services, outpatient treatment, and some residential programs. Washington D.C. has some of the highest rates of drug abuse than any other part of the country.

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Some addicts will go through treatment more than once, which is normal and expected with some types of drugs. However, if an addict with a severe addiction is only attending outpatient treatment, the likelihood of relapse is high. It is difficult to convince drug addicts to attend long-term residential programs. This, however, is the best treatment option for them, because they can take the time to work through all the problems connected to their addiction. There are always underlying issues with drug addiction, and reasons why an addict started to abuse the drugs they are using. The purpose of drug rehabilitation is to return the addict back to the person they once were before they started to abuse drugs and alcohol.


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