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What Type of Plans Does United Behavioral Health Have for Drug Treatment?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

There are some different plans that are provided by United Behavioral Health.  The group plans can be through an employer.  Substance treatment will be covered up to a point, especially with businesses with more than 50 employees.  Group plans through employers will also have employee assistance programs to help employees.  These types of programs are excellent resources for employees and their families.  United Behavioral Health also provides family and individual plans.  If you do not have health insurance through a group provider, you can be covered through one of these plans.  These plans will also provide coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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The deductibles and co-pays with United Behavioral Health will determine how much a member will pay the treatment programs they are attending.  The deductible will vary greatly depending on the type of plan you have.  Also, once the deductible has been paid, the member may be responsible to pay the co-pay amount for each visit, or day, or a percentage of the total care.  This, of course, is different for each plan or policy UBH has.  Regarding specific treatment, the amount of coverage will depend on the type of treatment the client wants.  Residential drug rehab is more expensive than outpatient treatment.  The type of drug rehab center will also affect insurance coverage.


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