What Type of Drug & Alcohol Detox Do I Need?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 22, October 2019

Detoxification programs, as before mentioned, are split into two definitive groups. These groups are defined below.

1. Social Detoxification Centers focus on holistic healing, offering to counsel, healing massage, and herbal therapy during the physical detoxification process. These centers are intended for those who have not spent a long time in their addiction.

2. Medically Assisted Detox Centers offer both counseling and physician services for those who are in the moderate stages of addiction. These individuals may require medications to help them with the detoxification process and are monitored while they go through this process by medical professionals. These centers are not generally equipped to handle severe addictions.

3. Inpatient Medical Detox Centers provide treatment in a hospital-style setting for moderate to severe cases where patients will need a large amount of monitoring, counseling, and medication to get them through the detoxification process. These centers are well equipped to handle medical emergencies that may arise during treatment.

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