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What Services Does the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health Offer People Who Are Struggling with Addiction?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 11, May 2021

The state of Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services provides substance use disorder services for the communities throughout the state. The community service boards within the state are the primary point of entry into the public behavioral health and developmental services system. Treatment is provided for substance abuse and addiction and will help families who are struggling with someone addicted to drugs. Every county and city in the state has an assigned community service board for residents to access. The Department of Health also provides women's services, such as pregnant women who are struggling with addiction. Many women who are unaware they are pregnant consume alcohol, use medications, or even illicit drugs early in their pregnancy.

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Within the state of Virginia are both private and state-funded programs for addicts to access. Medicaid can help families pay for treatment, and most private health insurance is also accepted at some drug treatment centers within the state. Drug Rehab Services can help families and addicts who are searching for treatment programs within the state. It is important that an addict finds the best type of treatment center to meet their addiction needs. Both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab centers in the state can treat all types of addiction. Detox is the first step for an addict, and there are both medical detox programs and traditional detox centers within the state.

Many experts and state authorities feel there is still not enough treatment in the state, but there have been significant increases in treatment programs for people struggling with opioid addiction. Heroin and prescription opioids are widely abused throughout the state, and it does affect many families and individuals living in Virginia. People of all ages are impacted by opioids and addictions can start with being prescribed pain medication. The abuse of pain medication does lead to dependency and addiction, and most heroin addicts started using pain medication before heroin.


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