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What Services Does the Louisiana Department of Health Offer Drug & Alcohol Addicts?

Last updated: Thursday, 01, October 2020

Through the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), there are the addictive disorders services that provide treatment for people suffering from addictions. Substance use and related disorders services are provided statewide by each regional human service district and authority. There are many levels of care and services provided to the people living within the state. There is a problem with gambling treatment that treats gambling disorders. Anyone wanting treatment can call the helpline, and these services are offered at no cost to residents. The withdrawal management detox services are a medically monitored inpatient withdrawal management service. This is a clinically managed residential withdrawal management level of care and is beneficial for opioid addiction.

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Medically monitored services provide immediate acute care to addicts and help patients who have moderate to severe health risks because of co-occurring medical conditions. A clinically managed detox service treats clients who need immediate care to treat addiction but do not have urgent health problems. Within the state of Louisiana are opioid treatment programs, and these services treat addiction and physical dependence to opiates. The process is done through detoxification and stabilization. There are various forms of outpatient programs, such as intensive outpatient and traditional outpatient centers. The residential care programs help with co-occurring disorders, and the programs provide 24-hour inpatient treatment.

Programs for pregnant women and women with dependent children operate through the Department of Children and Family Services. These programs provide substance use disorder treatment services for women who are pregnant or who have dependent children. Throughout Louisiana are various recovery homes to help with aftercare treatment, which is necessary to continue to work on your sobriety. Aftercare treatment is a good option for any recovering addicts who require extra support. Someone attending these services can learn new skills, gain employment, and start to build their new lives.


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