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What Substance Abuse Services Are Provided Through Partial Hospitalization?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Before any type of treatment service is offered through partial hospitalization, there is an intake evaluation. This assessment helps develop an individualized treatment plan based on the information provided. Comprehensive recovery programs are offered and the staff works closely with the patient. There are treatment professionals such as nurses, doctors, addiction counselors, and therapists. Detox is offered to help the patient manage withdrawal symptoms. These can be medically supervised detox because the treatment is taking place within a hospital. However, the standard partial hospitalization program offers general detox for patients with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. The medical services offered include doctors and nurses, who would administer medication or treat physical complications.

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The rehabilitation process can involve individual therapy where the patient meets with a therapist daily. Group counseling sessions will focus on a specific topic and are facilitated by an addictions specialist. There are group programs about relapse prevention, stress management, coping skills, life skills, recreational activities, and family education or therapy. The aftercare planning is also important, and this prepares the client for what will happen next after treatment. Aftercare plans are important, and often involve the client following up with a twelve-step program or another type of support group.


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