What Prevention Efforts Does the Nebraska Department of Health Promote?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Sunday, 08, December 2019

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services oversees the prevention and promotion within the state. The focus is placed on maintaining safe and drug-free communities throughout the state. The division works through the various regions and communities and carries out activities that result in positive change. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services partners with organizations at the state and local levels. There is focus placed on underage drinking to help youth understand the dangers of consuming alcohol at a young age. This directly leads to binge drinking prevention campaigns, because binge drinking is a common problem for youth within the state. Binge drinking is dangerous and leads to injury and health problems.

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Prevention programs in Nebraska also focus on prescription drug abuse, such as prescription pain medication. The state of Nebraska has seen problems with opioid abuse and is struggling with this problem similar to other states. Prevention is one of the best ways to help residents understand the dangers associated with abusing prescription drugs. Drug prevention is also done for the use of marijuana, which is problematic among teens and young people within the state. In an effort to accomplish the change needed, community coalitions implement strategies within the communities. For example, these are efforts to increase the perception of risk and increase positive norms and policies associated with drug and alcohol-free life choices.

Community coalitions in Nebraska also increase positive attachments to family, school, neighborhoods, and communities throughout the state. This allows everyone to work together and get the message out. It also helps set a positive example for young people and shows them that adults can make responsible choices and lead by example. Drug prevention is the most effective way to help reduce some of the problems with drug alcohol abuse. More specifically, it does help prevent addiction from happening when people start to abuse drugs at a young age.