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What Is the Most Effective Drug Rehabilitation for Cocaine Use?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

The effectiveness of any drug or alcohol rehabilitation program will primarily depend on the person attending the center and their willingness for wanting change. However, there are methods of treatment and types of programs that can be more successful with cocaine addiction, but it is also important for an addict to get an assessment done to ensure they are going to the right type of treatment for their addiction. It is very common for most cocaine users to never seek out any type of help during the beginning of their addiction. There is the misconception that the drug is easy to give up, and they can stop using cocaine at any time, or all they need to do is go through a detox program. This line of thinking may go on for quite some time, and the addiction will either get progressively worse, or it will remain the same, but with more problems happening in life.

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Most cocaine addicts who do eventually go to a drug rehabilitation program have been using the drug for many years. However, because cocaine is a common polydrug, which means it is used in combination with other illicit drugs; some addicts do seek out help sooner. The most effective type of drug rehabilitation for a cocaine addict is a residential drug treatment program. These types of facilities will either provide both short-term rehab or a long-term drug treatment program. The length of treatment needed will depend on the severity of the addiction, but because of how addictive cocaine is, inpatient treatment offers the best results.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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