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What Is the Effectiveness of Holistic Techniques for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

There is mixed research regarding the effectiveness of holistic treatment, however, if it is part of a well-rounded rehabilitation approach, it is more effective than others. If the program provides, spiritual, physical, and psychological healing, an addict has more opportunity to address all aspects of the addiction. There are benefits with holistic treatment because of how it can cause a patient to be more receptive to treatment and rehabilitation. This is especially true for addicts who have been through conventional programs with no success. When addicts see more results physically and with their mental well-being, they are more apt to stay focused on therapy. The combination of conventional therapy with holistic treatment is the better option. Evidence-based detox and treatment in combination with holistic methods would be considered a well-rounded treatment approach.

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In the long run, the effectiveness of any approach used in rehabilitation is dependent upon the person attending treatment. When an addict has been through multiple drug rehabilitation centers with no success, they are often hesitant to try again. Holistic treatment as part of the overall rehabilitation approach is something new for many addicts. Simple things like improving your physical health through meal planning and addressing nutritional deficiencies drastically improve responsiveness to treatment. This is what it is about, having a patient respond to the treatment they are receiving, and most patients respond well to physical rehabilitation. Physical activities such as biking, hiking, mountain climbing, and swimming improve your physical well-being. Alternative therapies tend to get more response out of the patient. When you are considering the effectiveness of a treatment program, you should consider what treatment options are available. Holistic treatment should be part of a wide range of therapy options, some of which may tailor to the individual needs of the client.

Effective programs that use holistic treatment provide the length of time needed to treat the addiction. Some addicts fare better with long-term treatment options. A well-rounded approach will take time, and this is not always done within 30 days. The holistic treatment provides effective approaches to treat addiction, yet if you are not willing to invest the time, it makes the treatment process more difficult.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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