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What Is the Drug Ice in Hawaii?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Ice is a slang term for methamphetamine, which is a high purity crystal methamphetamine the poses the greatest drug threat to Hawaii. For example, Honolulu had the highest percentage of adult male arrestees who tested positive for methamphetamine. The abuse of methamphetamine is a significant problem throughout Hawaii. Several communities such as Oahu, Ewa Beach, Kalihi, Waianae, and Waipahu have high rates of methamphetamine abuse. The crystal meth users throughout Hawaii prefer a high purity drug, averaging over 90% purity, which is then smoked to produce the effects. The admissions to the publicly funded treatment facilities in the state are increasing.

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Methamphetamine is readily available in most areas of Hawaii and is being smuggled in from Mexico, California, and Asia. Crystal meth has long-been the drug of choice for most addicts in Hawaii, even with the current opioid epidemic. However, in the last few years, black tar heroin and prescription opioids have become more available within the state. Local law enforcement in the state still views crystal meth as the biggest threat, followed by marijuana, heroin, and then cocaine. Drug treatment programs throughout the state continually treat addicts struggling with a methamphetamine addiction. This type of addiction is dangerous, and crystal meth does significant damage to your physical and psychological health.

The treatment for a crystal meth addiction involves detox and long-term rehabilitation, which is the best approach. Most meth addicts are using the drug consistently with very little sober time. The longer that an addict can spend being sober the easier it is to maintain this sobriety later in life. Aftercare programs are also effective in helping recovering addicts continually work on their sobriety and learn new ways to improve his or her life without the help of drugs or alcohol.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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