What Is the Difference Between Cocaine and Crack Cocaine?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 16, November 2019

There are many distinct differences between cocaine and crack cocaine, but both drugs are highly addictive and will destroy a person's life. The distinct characteristics of cocaine are:

  • Cocaine is made with coca paste, that is made from the coca plant and hydrochloric acid, along with other ingredients such as gasoline to form a powder.
  • Cocaine is typically snorted or injected - when snorted the effects happen within minutes and can last 30 minutes on average. When the drug is injected, the effects happen within seconds, and can last an hour on average.

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The distinct characteristics of crack cocaine are:

  • Crack is powder cocaine that is mixed with water and baking soda
  • Crack cocaine is smoked, and the effects are instant and last ten minutes on average, which is why the drug is so psychologically addicting.

Cocaine was known as a rich person's drug, but when crack cocaine was introduced and was far cheaper, the price of cocaine eventually went down. Both drugs are financially destructive; a crack addiction is horrible because the effects don't last long, hundreds of dollars can be spent each day to maintain the effects of the drug. The overall harm done to the user and to society with these two drugs can be different. Many believe that crack cocaine does more harm to the individual and society than cocaine. Of course, this perspective will always change based on the user and the society they are using in; but both drugs will do a significant amount of harm physically and psychologically. Anyone struggling with either a crack-cocaine addiction or a cocaine addiction should seek out help immediately.