What Is the Best Treatment for Painkiller Addiction?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 19, November 2019

There are numerous drug rehabilitation options for painkiller addiction.  The first step is treating the physical dependency with detox.  The most effective detox is a medical detox for painkillers.  The detox process does not happen quickly.  It is not uncommon for painkiller addicts to spend upwards of a week or more detoxing from these drugs.  Medical detox will utilize other medications to help alleviate withdrawal pain.  The result should be to become completely drug-free.  Painkiller withdrawals are difficult to go through.  This is the point where many addicts give up and go back to using their drug of choice.  If you can make it through detox you have overcome a major obstacle. 

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After medical detox, a painkiller addict should seriously consider inpatient drug treatment.  There are short-term and long-term rehabilitation options available throughout the United States.  Long-term drug rehab does provide better results.  Yet, statistically more addicts finish short-term treatment when compared to long-term programs.  An addiction assessment can help determine what will be the best treatment for the addict.  Residential drug rehab can focus on healing the mind and body.  This can be done with nutritional therapy, counseling, and other forms of therapy.  It is essential to address the underlying issues of the addiction.

Former painkiller addicts should attend aftercare treatment.  Becoming addicted to painkillers is easy, but overcoming the addiction is a lot of work.  Aftercare treatment will simply provide you with more clean time.  You will also become connected with other sober and like-minded people and build a support network to help you.  Aftercare programs can also help you re-establish your life such as finding work, re-building relationships and achieving your goals.  Being addicted to painkillers can take a lot away from your life.  It will take work to gain all this back, but your life will be better without these drugs.