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What Is Residential Short-Term Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

A residential short-term treatment program is a facility offering 28 or 30-day programs. This is one of the most common treatment options sought out by addicts. A typical short-term drug rehab center provides the initial evaluation, supervised detox, and individual or group therapy. Most short-term residential centers will help a client plan for life after rehab. Residential short-term drug rehab centers are located all through the United States. Most state-funded or federally funded drug treatment operates through short-term treatment. Private residential short-term treatment centers are some of the most common programs sought out by addicts. Addicts choose these programs because they are affordable and there is no commitment for long-term treatment.

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Most experts will say that short-term rehab centers are suitable for severe addictions. Addicts who have suffered multiple relapses would not benefit from a short-term treatment center. The success rate of maintaining sobriety after residential short-term treatment is not as high when compared to long-term rehab. Many residential short-term drug rehab centers are covered by private or federally sponsored health insurance. This also makes short-term treatment a popular option to treat addiction.


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