What Is Residential Detox for Drug & Alcohol Addiction?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 16, November 2019

A residential detox is an inpatient facility helping addicts go through drug withdrawals. It is the start of the process of allowing the body to remove the drugs. Residential detox safely manages withdrawal symptoms once someone stops taking his or her drug of choice. The withdrawal symptoms are different for each type of drug. Cocaine, for example, does not create dangerous withdrawal pain. Yet, pain medication does create difficult withdrawal pain. Each person who goes through detox will have a different experience. Essentially, the type of drug and how long the person has been using it will determine the kind of detox they go through.

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Detox can take days, weeks, or in severe cases months. Everyone will go through the withdrawal symptoms different from the next person. The initial assessment will determine what type of substance the person is using, and for how long. Also, the severity of the addiction is looked at and the method to which they are using the drug. Most counselors will take under consideration family history, any medical conditions, and underlying problems. The body goes through significant stress while in detox. Yet the professionals working at a residential detox can help ensure the process is safe.