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What Is LSD?

Last updated: Monday, 30, November 2020

LSD is a psychoactive drug but does act differently than other psychotropic drugs. LSD affects and changes how parts of the brain communicate. The drug impacts the parts of the brain that control introspection, self-perception, external perception, and all of the senses. Many people believe that LSD is considered a non-addictive drug; however, the drug does create addiction, and this is the result of psychological dependency. A drug user can become addicted to the sights, sounds, and revelations they experience when they use the drug. There have many cases where LSD has led to pro-longed paranoia and psychosis. LSD stands for lysergic acid diethylamide and is referred to as acid or LSD. The drug is a potent hallucinogen inciting the changes in perception and space-time, and even with small doses, there are intense effects.

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LSD is most commonly taken orally in the form of tablets, droplets, or blotter paper that is placed on the tongue. The drug is dangerous to use on blotter paper because it is difficult to know what the dose is. Using too much LSD does result in a pro-longed dissociation and alienation. LSD is listed as a schedule I controlled substance and is considered for having a high potential for abuse. LSD has a history of being used in treating psychological problems, along with other types of hallucinogens. The drug has potent mood-changing chemicals and is manufactured from lysergic acid. This type of acid is found in the ergot fungus that grows on rye and other grains. The drug is produced in a crystal form in labs within the United States. The crystals are then converted into a liquid, which is odorless, colorless, but has a slightly bitter taste.

LSD belongs to a group of drugs known as psychedelics, and these drugs produce changes in mood and thought. When larger doses are taken, it provides visual hallucinations and distortions of space and time. LSD is often produced with other drugs that increase the danger of the drug. LSD is a white, odorless crystalline substance, and even a small amount of the drug has an intense potency. When the drug is sold illegally is usually diluted with other materials. LSD is commonly used among adults and younger adults. Most LSD users are also using different types of hallucinogens and other drugs. If you are struggling with a dependency on LSD, there are treatment options throughout the country that will help.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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