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What Is Ketamine, and Why Is It Abused?

Created On Friday, 08, November 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Ketamine is categorized as a dissociative anesthetic and is typically used as an anesthetic for animals. It is a fast-acting anesthetic and painkiller, and it has the potential to produce vivid dreams and a feeling of mind-body separation. This effect is called dissociation, and ketamine also has mind-altering effects that make the drug appealing for someone addicted to drugs. The ketamine that is used for medical purposes is a colorless and odorless liquid that is then injected into the patient. When ketamine is sold illegally, it is usually converted into a white powder or made into capsules. The powder can be snorted, mixed into drinks, or dissolved for injection. The liquid form of ketamine can also be added to beverages, marijuana, and tobacco. Ketamine is abused because of its dissociative effects, or the out of body experience it provides for the drug user.

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Ketamine is only legally available to veterinarians and medical doctors for medical use. Ketamine that is sold and purchased illegally is often stolen. Since the 1970s, ketamine has been used for its mind-altering effects and grew in popularity for being known as a club drug. The drug is popular among high school students because of the dissociative effects it creates. The way drug affects each user depends on a variety of different factors, such as age and body weight. Other factors include how much has been taken and how often the person takes the drug. The method of which the drug is used determines the effect, for example, intravenous use of the drug creates a more profound impact then snorting ketamine.

When small doses of ketamine are used, it can have stimulant effects, and the drug user will feel a sense of floating, dissociation, and numbness in the body. Larger doses of ketamine cause the drug user to become withdrawn. For example, they may not remember who they are and will lose their coordination. Along with this, their heart will race, and they will find it difficult to breathe and potentially lose consciousness. Some of the visual experiences will include blurred vision, intense hallucinations, and the out of body experience or even near-death experience. The effects of ketamine are usually felt between one and 30 minutes after taking the drug. If the drug was injected, the effects are felt much quicker than if the drug was consumed by mouth. The effects of ketamine usually last about an hour and may cause a user to feel anxious, have some memory loss, and experience flashbacks of their drug experience.


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