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What Is Hospital Inpatient Substance Abuse Detox and Rehab?

Last updated: Monday, 03, August 2020

It is not uncommon for alcohol or drug abuse to create significant medical emergencies. Sometimes this is brought on by current medical problems. Drug abuse can bring about serious long-term medical conditions, such as heart or lung disease, cancer, and psychological problems. Alcohol, for example, is responsible for countless health issues among Americans. Most addiction-related illnesses will require urgent medical care. Hospital-like inpatient settings are ideal to help addicts in this situation. A hospital inpatient program will offer both detox and rehabilitation. When a patient is admitted into a hospital inpatient program. It is often because of a serious medical condition caused by the addiction.

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The patient then requires around-the-clock medical care from doctors and nurses. This is especially important during detox. Alcohol addiction creates detox situations that can only be helped with hospital inpatient care. A severe alcoholic can experience dangerous seizures and medical complications when they stop drinking. Hospital inpatient programs also help patients who require a suicide watch. Substance abuse creates significant changes in the brain, and some addicts have thoughts of suicide and some act on it. During therapy and after detox, a suicide watch may be required for a patient, especially if they have a history of suicide attempts. Hospital inpatient programs provide counseling and therapy, once an addict has made it through detox.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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