What Is Alcohol Dependency?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Wednesday, 16, October 2019

A dependency on alcohol will occur when alcohol addiction goes untreated, and alcohol abuse becomes a daily occurrence. An alcohol dependency simply means that the user cannot go one day without drinking alcohol, because of the withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms occur because the body has such a tolerance for alcohol, that a certain amount is required daily to maintain a balance. Once the balance has been disturbed, the alcoholic will experience alcohol withdrawal.

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Withdrawal effects can last for several hours or even days, and the symptoms are sweating, rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, problems sleeping, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies, and seizures. A dependency on alcohol is dangerous but can be avoided if the proper treatment is gotten as soon as possible.