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What Forms of Drug Prevention Operate Throughout Iowa?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Within the state of Iowa are both state prevention services, and those programs that operate through the local communities. The Iowa Department of Public Health operates the Your Life Iowa program, which helps people get treatment for alcohol, drug, and gambling problems, and is dedicated to the health of people living in Iowa. There is also the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, which helps create health equity in Iowa communities through advocacy, education, and drug user health services. Youth substance abuse prevention services in the state are community-based projects to ensure the health and wellness of Iowa's young people. The projects focus on different types of relationships with community members that will increase the life skills and experience of youth.

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Early prevention is important, and this is done through drug education and prevention. When you can help young people stay away from drugs and alcohol at a young age you are ensuring they will make responsible choices later in life. Many of the young people in Iowa are exposed to drugs and alcohol early on in life, whether through peer pressure, friends, or family. The community-based drug prevention programs help with youth development. This provides communities public health services and evidence-based substance abuse prevention programming. There is also prevention through mentoring where young people can work with school-based youth mentoring programs. Preventing drug addiction during adulthood starts with early prevention during childhood.


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