What Forms of Drug Prevention Help the Residents of Kentucky?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 16, November 2019

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services provides a substance abuse prevention program. It is a comprehensive array of services targeting the prevention of the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs within the state. The program works with a variety of organizations and agencies and develops prevention policies, programs, and services. There are 14 regional prevention centers overseen. These various prevention centers provide technical assistance and training, and evidence-based prevention strategies. The funding for these programs comes from the Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention, which is part of the US Department of Education and the Kentucky General Assembly.

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Universities and colleges throughout the state also take part in substance abuse prevention. For example, Kentucky State University has a student health service that understands the need for substance abuse prevention. They address substance abuse through compassionate, empathetic interventions. An assessment and intervention can begin immediately within the University, and the problem can be identified so the proper help can be gotten. The University provides primary prevention before the addiction occurs, there is also secondary prevention, to help people avoid experimental or recreational substance abuse. Tertiary Prevention is for the treatment of drug dependency and addiction. Students can access outreach programs, evidence-based education, and numerous other resources.

Drug and alcohol addiction prevention is the best way to help people young and old understand the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Drug addiction can affect someone at any stage of his or her life. However, if you have the proper knowledge about addiction and substance abuse, you can prevent many of these problems from occurring.