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What Drug Rehab Options Help Methadone Users?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Methadone is a prescription drug given to treat opioid addiction. It is a long-lasting synthetic opioid pain killer and is not meant for long-term use.  The body and mind become dependent on this drug with extensive use.  This means that the dose is increased as the body becomes tolerant of the current amount.  When this happens, it becomes dangerous to stop taking the drug without medical help.  The prescribing doctor must wean you off the drug and slowly taper the amount down. However, this becomes difficult in the lower amounts.  This is the point where a methadone user will increase his or her dosage, or return to opioids.

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Medical detox for methadone addiction is the best solution.  This is a medically supervised detox to help methadone users safely stop taking the drug.  Medical detox is not easy, and despite withdrawal discomfort being managed, methadone is difficult to stop.  Methadone tends to linger in the body longer than other opioids.  The withdrawal pain and discomfort is the same as other opioids.  Yet, medical detox is the most effective approach to help.  The detox process should not be the final solution.  An addict must attend some type of short-term or long-term drug rehab center after detox.

Where most addicts fail is when they leave detox and do no further treatment.  Detox cannot handle the underlying problems and provide life skills and tools.  Medical detox is simply a stepping stone for more treatment.  Yet, it does become difficult to convince opioid addicts to continue with treatment after detox.  It is important to have a drug rehab center lined up after detox.  Or the medical detox will be part of the rehabilitation program. These are the best steps and solutions for treating opioid addiction.  it is a good idea to consider the option of becoming completely drug-free and not relying on methadone to treat opioid addiction.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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