What Drug Prevention Programs Operate in New Jersey?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 10, December 2019

Throughout the state of New Jersey are many different organizations that offer drug prevention and education. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in New Jersey works in partnership with and on behalf of individuals, families, and communities affected by drug and alcohol abuse. The goal of this organization is to promote recovery and to sponsor a wide range of programs and services. For example, legislation is reviewed and analyzed, and the organization works with local communities across the state to bring forward new legislation to combat the drug and alcohol problems in the state. Much of this is based on creating and working with community coalitions throughout the state.

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The Partnership for Drug Free New Jersey was created in 1992 as a substance abuse prevention alliance. Its goal was to localize, strengthen, and deepen initiatives through drug-free assistance and parent education conferences throughout the state. Operating as a non-profit group it works through coalitions of professionals from the prevention communications and the corporate and government communities. The organization makes an impact through its educational programs and parent education programs and has helped countless families throughout state be equipped with information to prevent substance abuse. The programs also provide New Jersey employers and businesses with resources and information on creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace.

Drug education and prevention is the best way for families and anyone else to prevent substance abuse. This is especially important with young people who are more susceptible to the potential allure with using drugs or alcohol. When you provide evidence-based information and facts about drugs and alcohol, young people can then make educated and responsible choices. Drug prevention does save lives and prevents people from becoming life-long addicts. Throughout the state of New Jersey are many different drug prevention organizations working with other groups on a state and federal level. New programs and initiatives are always created to provide information and prevent substance abuse.