What Drug Prevention Initiatives Are Available in Missouri?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 07, December 2019

The Missouri Department of Health provides many programs through its prevention resource center. This is the primary source of technical assistance support for community coalitions. Community-based coalitions are the most effective form of delivering drug prevention. Throughout Missouri are different coalitions to help provide current evidence-based drug and alcohol prevention to both adults and youth. The Prevention Resources Center facilitates development of teams capable of making changes in substance use patterns in their community. Drug and alcohol abuse does affect people from all across the state, impacting families, young people, and adults. Drug prevention is an important part of community-based prevention services. If you can provide the right information to young people, they are more likely to make informed decisions later in life.

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The state of Missouri has a prevention strategic plan operated through the Division of Behavioral Health. Services are provided through a network of contractors who operate alcohol and drug use prevention programs. When steps are taken to prevent substance abuse, it helps prevent the consequences of addiction and allows for better use of the local resources. Programs and services in the state work to reduce the number of persons needing treatment through the prevention programs. The community coalitions in the state are a network of volunteer community teams who focus on alcohol and tobacco and other drug issues. Most of the community coalitions within the state were initiated in 1987 and are operated by volunteers.

Drug and alcohol prevention has always proven successful and does help young people and adults make informed decisions. Community-based prevention programs are also essential for young people, and high-risk youth in the state. Countless drug addiction problems are prevented through the use of community coalitions and drug prevention programs. The state of Missouri also provides direct prevention services, which are provided to designated children, youth, and families. The services involve structured programs and curriculum and help address and identify risk and protective services.