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What Drug Abuse Prevention Programs Have Been Implemented in South Dakota to Help Residents?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 11, May 2021

The state of South Dakota grapples with many issues surrounding drugs and alcohol. For example, methamphetamine abuse in the state has been a long-standing problem. Drug prevention has been an effective tool used to combat the issues. The Department of Social Services has funded more than 245 presentations to thousands in communities and schools, urging against methamphetamine abuse. A preventative education campaign has also been undertaken by the Attorney General's office and prevention resource centers will have completed a meth prevention toolkit for the local communities. Most of the meth coming into the state is from Mexico, and there has been a decrease in locally produced methamphetamine.

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Within the state is a task force made up of the Division of Criminal Investigation and Highway Patrol Officers, which has been working to stop the inflow of meth. The Department of Social Services has also increased access to treatment options for addicts. The programs being provided are evidence-based and are equipped to provide intensive treatment models. Under the Public Safety Improvement Act in 2017 more than 2000 offenders received treatment for substance abuse. The focus is placed on helping people caught up in the criminal justice system because of a DUI or drug charges. The prevention programs have helped reduce the number of offenders and the prison populations.

Drug prevention and education are the first line of defense with preventing people from becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. Drug prevention is being done within local schools and communities throughout the state. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, there are private and state-operated programs that will help you. The Department of Social Services can also help provide an assessment to find a treatment that will work for you. The counselors with Drug Rehab Services will also be able to provide an assessment and help you locate a program that will meet your treatment needs.


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