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What Does United Behavioral Health Cover for Drug Rehab?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Drug and alcohol detox and certain rehabilitation services will be covered by United Behavioral Health.  Drug detox will be the first step that an addict will take prior to any counseling or therapy.  Detox can either be a traditional detox program or a medical detox center.  There are many different policies provided by United Behavioral Health.  The majority of the policies offered include services related to drug detox and withdrawal management.  Most people who are covered by United Behavioral Health can find nearby treatment centers that will accept health insurance. 

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Certain criteria must be met for the coverage to be accepted at some drug and alcohol treatment centers.  For any type of inpatient detox, a member of United Behavioral Health must be diagnosed by a doctor.  The coverage must also include intervention or monitoring by a healthcare professional.  There are a number of healthcare professionals who are trained and experienced in treating substance abuse.  This is within the United Behavioral Health network.  Finding the right type of drug and alcohol treatment is important, and there are some drug rehab centers covered by United Behavioral Health.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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