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What Does Medicare Cover for Drug Rehab?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Medicare has a breakdown of services that list what it covers for drug and alcohol treatment.  This does include inpatient treatment or hospital inpatient care.  There is also outpatient drug rehab through a clinic or hospital.  Medicare also covers drugs used to treat addiction, and screenings, intervention, and referral to treatment services.  Medicare Part A is considered hospital insurance.  This will cover hospital inpatient care, hospice, home healthcare, and nursing services.  It will also cover inpatient treatment for substance abuse services.  Along as these services are determined to be reasonable and necessary for the person being covered. 

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Part B of Medicare covers outpatient drug rehab.  This also covers partial hospitalization, such as outpatient treatment within a hospital.  When this happens, a doctor must certify that the individual in partial hospitalization requires that form of treatment.  Along with this, the care must include at least 20 hours of treatment per week.  Partial hospitalization programs or outpatient treatment provides individual and group therapy.  There is also family therapy, patient education, and activity therapies.  Addicts with Medicare can access alcohol risk screening and counseling programs.


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