What Does It Take to Get Someone into Drug & Alcohol Rehab?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Sunday, 17, November 2019

When family or friends attempt to get a drug or alcohol addict into rehabilitation, it will take being able to face all the anger and emotion. Most long-term addicts and any addict who has been using drugs for most of their lives are very capable of manipulating the truth and getting what they want. Addicts can especially manipulate loved ones who are enabling them, and typically give in to their demands each time. Family and loved ones or whoever is trying to help an addict should be prepared for lies, stories, and excuses why they shouldn't get help. The simple fact connected to not getting help is the addiction will continue, and the addict could potentially die.

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Drug and alcohol addictions regardless of how severe it may be, never end well, and the addiction will only get worse. Family, loved ones, and friends who want to get an addict into treatment should not back down, and it comes down to a commitment to wanting to get an addict the right help. Most family members give up because of financial ruin or the never-ending circle of lies an addict will have. An addict can be forced to treatment, or they can be left to their own devices, and the family can wait for them to ask for help. Both avenues have been successful, but there is a common misconception that an addict cannot be forced to treatment, and this is not true.