What Are the Common Things Forbidden in a Drug Rehab Center?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 19, November 2019

The easy way to know what isn't allowed in the drug rehab center can be by communicating and asking them. These centers work on absolutely stringent rules and many things aren't allowed in such places. There are a few common things that are restricted in each and every drug treatment facility.

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  • Drugs - Though prescribed drugs are allowed to be carried to the facility, but some drugs which have the potential for abuse, even if prescribed, are not allowed. Xanax and Valium which are muscle relaxants and anxiety medication respectively, they are both banned. Medications that cause sleep and amphetamines are also generally the drugs that come in banned list.
  • Electronics - Gadgets that can bother other patients like speakers etc. are not allowed by the facility. Even cameras are not allowed by some of the centers. So before you pack your stuff, it would be better to check with the facility.
  • Inappropriate clothing - Clothes that have inappropriate statements or are too risqué are not allowed. Also the ones which advertise about taking drugs and alcohol are also banned.
  • Weapons - Not allowed in any form, as no violence is expected in such places.
  • Certain cosmetics - Cosmetics that contain alcohol shouldn't be carried to the treatment center, especially when you are being treated for alcoholic addiction.