What Are Some Tips to Drinking Responsibly?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Sunday, 08, December 2019

Alcohol is a common part of college life and many college students are part of social groups where drinking is normal, and even expected. However, many college students go their entire college career without drinking excessively. Yet, for most, there is a line but it is not always easy to know what would be considered responsible drinking. Alcohol would be either beer, wine, spirits, or ciders, and the alcohol by volume in each is different. Drinking alcohol responsibly takes common sense, and not falling into the traps of college life involving excessive drinking. It is important to know your limit, and know how much alcohol you can handle before you lose control. Some people have never consumed alcohol, nor drank excessively, and this is where the danger is. Every year, around 2000 college students die from alcohol-related causes, due to excessive drinking. If you have never been intoxicated before, it is not a good idea to start with binge drinking. Drinking responsibly means not consuming more than one drink per hour.

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Eat food while you drink alcohol, because it does slow down the rate at which the ethanol is absorbed through the stomach lining. Fatty foods, such as greasy fast food lines the stomach, preventing ethanol to be absorbed quickly. Or have your drinks with a meal or some type of snack food. Sip your drink and do not chug it back, because binge drinking increases your blood alcohol content rapidly. Use your own discretion, and accept a drink only when you want one. There is peer pressure to drink while in college, especially with some fraternities and sororities. Alcohol use is part of college life, but this does not mean you have to drink, and no one can force you to. Choose taste and quality rather than quantity, despite how difficult this is in college, but if you appreciate the quality of the drink, you are less likely to binge drink.

Be aware of unfamiliar drinks, and do not lose sight of your drink while at a large social gathering. Some drinks are mixed with more than one type of alcohol, making them more potent than others. Also, date rape drugs are a real thing and it does happen where an illicit substance can be slipped into your drink. Do not mix alcohol with other drugs, because alcohol amplifies the effects of almost every addictive substance. Never drink and drive and always plan ahead, if you know you will be drinking. Always respect the rights of individuals who choose not to drink. There is nothing safe about pressuring someone into consuming alcohol, and this is how many of the problems start.