What Age Groups Are Affected by Drug Abuse in Nevada?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 06, December 2019

The state of Nevada has a population that is growing, and more is needed for prevention and substance abuse treatment. Much of the current system in Nevada is reliant on emergency rooms and the criminal justice system. The population of Nevada is estimated at over 3 million people. Children and youth make up a large portion of the state's population, in fact, people who are 19 and under comprise 26% of the population. Adults in the state between 19 and 64 make up 60% of the population, and older adults above the age of 65 make up 14% of the population. Health insurance in the state is widely used to help people pay for drug treatment. Around 25% of the population who are under the age of 65 are uninsured.

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Young people in the state are the most impacted by drug and alcohol abuse. It is estimated that roughly 40% of children in the state aged birth to 17 years old went through one or two adverse childhood experiences. It is often these negative childhood experiences that fuel someone to choose drugs and alcohol. Many of the youth in the juvenile justice system in the state struggle with drug addiction with an estimated 60% meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder. Essentially drug and alcohol abuse can affect people from all age groups, yet young people such as youth are sometimes the hardest hit. Drug prevention is the best way to help young people understand the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Prevention and education programs in the state help youth understand the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol. The prevention programs work with state and federal organizations, creating community coalitions to help the local communities implement the prevention strategies. Drug rehab centers in Nevada will also help youth and young adults who are struggling with addiction. When you are searching for a treatment program in the state, it important to find the right program to treat your addiction.