What Are the Long-Term Effects of Alcohol?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Thursday, 17, October 2019

The consumption of alcohol does not improve someone's health, and in fact; the long-term use of alcohol will cause serious damage to the brain and other organs. It was once thought, that moderate consumption of beer wine or spirits over the long-term improved health, but more careful and in-depth studies do disprove that. The heavy and long-term use of alcohol will cause significant health problems.

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Besides the person becoming an alcoholic, heavy drinking can lead to malnutrition, alcoholic liver disease, cancer, chronic pancreatitis, and damage to the central nervous system. When someone uses alcohol over the long-term, they will eventually damage every organ and system within the human body. The long-term use of alcohol will cause a dependency, which will lead to withdrawal effects making it more difficult to stop drinking.