What Are the Consequences of Underage Drinking in the United States?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 07, December 2019

Male and female youth who drink alcohol are more likely to develop school problems, such as failing grades or missing classes. Adolescent youth who consume alcohol will develop social problems, and a lack of participation in activities they may have once been interested in. Many parents with youth and adolescents who drink alcohol will be witnessing their child face legal problems. The physical and mental health problems associated with underage drinking, especially among youth and adolescents are extensive.

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Teens who drink alcohol will tend to engage in more unprotected sex, they will also experience a disruption of their sexual development and normal growth. Underage drinking can lead to significant mental problems, such as an increased risk for suicide among teens, memory issues, and negative changes in the development of the brain. The risks and consequences associated with underage drinking are far worse when youth and adolescents engage in binge drinking. Most of the studies done about underage drinking will indicate that the early initiation of drinking will lead to the development of an alcohol use disorder later in life.