My Son Is Addicted to Crack Cocaine, How Do I Help Him?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Tuesday, 22, October 2019

It is extremely difficult to watch a child struggle with an addiction and cocaine use among adolescents, and young adults is still a problem. The early use of cocaine can lead to abusing crack cocaine, which can carry over later in life and become an on-going problem. Crack cocaine addiction is very difficult to treat, especially when it is a middle-aged adult user. It is also very common for crack cocaine users at this age to still be taking advantage of their parents such as asking for money, living with them, or using them to help keep their addiction going. Crack cocaine is also used by people ages 18 to 25, and this can be hard for a parent to watch their child struggle with this type of problem.

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Crack is a highly addictive drug, because the effects are instant and the high does not last long; the user is continually chasing the drug. The best way to help a child who is addicted to crack cocaine will typically involve an intervention, because of the denial that there may be a problem. Family interventions can be very successful, and it will help convince the addict that they need help. Crack cocaine addiction is best treated in a residential type of treatment program, and long-term options are ideal, but it is difficult to convince a crack addict to commit to long-term drug rehab. Crack addiction will require both physical and mental rehabilitation, and this can be best offered in a residential rehab program.