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My Daughter Binges on Cocaine Each Weekend, What Do I Do?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

The binge use of cocaine is a common problem among people ages 18 to 25, and women this age may be struggling with addiction because cocaine is polydrug, which means it is often used with other illicit substances. Binging on cocaine will lead to an addiction, and there are significant health problems associated with the binge use of cocaine. If you are witnessing your daughter binging on cocaine each weekend and taking on that party lifestyle, it is important to intervene and get them help. This type of lifestyle will only create other problems in life that will cause financial issues, relationship problems, and an inability to hold down a job.

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It will be difficult at first to convince them that this type of cocaine use is a problem because they are only using it on the weekends and not during the week. Your daughter may still be holding down a job, and maintaining some level of responsibility, but this could be drastically getting worse. It is important for parents to convince their daughters that this will lead to an addiction and that there is help available. Cocaine is an easy drug to use while partying and often abused in combination with alcohol and other drugs. The best type of help would be an outpatient type of drug rehab center, that can offer counseling and therapy, and this should also be done with certain physical rehabilitation processes to help the drug user.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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