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Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Is There Ongoing Support After Christian Drug Treatment?

Aftercare treatment should be done after any type of rehabilitation process, whether it is a Christian based program or not. Christian treatment centers across the country will offer aftercare support, and this is done in a few different ways. Initially, peer support is often popular because it is connected to 12-step groups, which are typically Christian based. Twelve-step meetings are free to attend and are located in most cities and towns across the US. Peer support is effective for on-going recovery because you are constantly connected to other sober people. You have access to on-going support from other recovering addicts, and people who have shared similar situations in life. This can be an easy transition for most former addicts because 12-step treatment methods are often used at many Christian drug rehab programs. Peer support can continue for as long as you need, and there is no limit to how often you attend meetings. In larger cities, there are multiple meetings groups taking place each day. Staying connected to people who share similar goals and values, does promote healthy recovery.

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The goal of aftercare is to keep you engaged with your recovery as you transition back to society again. It can be easy to fall back into the old behaviors again, which is why aftercare treatment is important. Sober living homes are excellent places to live when you finish treatment, and some are connected with a local church. This provides ample opportunity for a recovering addict to work on his or her sobriety while living with other sober people. It also helps you also focus on your spirituality, and maintain a strong faith that you can have with you when you return to society again. It will help you learn how to make healthy choices about your lifestyle, relationships, and activities. You are reinforcing the skills you learned for coping with stress and can identify your triggers. Staying connected with your local church is also beneficial. Most churches provide programs and services daily, to help people in need. This includes helping recovering addicts, such as with prayer groups, bible study, or even workshops to help improve your life.

If you attend an outpatient drug rehab center, there are aftercare options available there as well. Most outpatient centers allow their patients to attend aftercare at the same location where their treatment took place. If this was a Christian based outpatient program, you can continue with your spiritual recovery. Aftercare is important because it helps continue with routine and you have a structure within your life. You should consider aftercare help when you finish treatment, and make it part of your day to day life.


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