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Is It Dangerous to Mix Vicodin and Alcohol?

Last updated: Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Alcohol will enhance Vicodin’s muscle relaxant effects, which is why addicts mix it with alcohol. This is a fatal combination because your heart will slow down and may stop beating. Or you will have difficulty breathing. Mixing alcohol and Vicodin will cause an addiction to happen for both drugs. Vicodin is a pain medication mixed with acetaminophen, yet is commonly abused in the United States. Mixing drugs like Vicodin with alcohol is dangerous and has caused countless overdose deaths within the United States. People become addicted to this drug easily. It is not uncommon for patients to continue using Vicodin after their doctor has taken them off it.

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Mixing any opioid with alcohol is dangerous and it does create a new effect that you become addicted to. Along with this, alcohol intensifies the effects of the drugs and the opioids do the same with alcohol. It becomes a deadly mixture because you will not know how much alcohol you are taking. The same occurs when you are abusing Vicodin with other drugs. You will not know how much of the Vicodin you are abusing. Not knowing the amounts of what you are taking will increase your chances of an overdose.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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