Is Holistic Treatment Important to Treat Drug & Alcohol Addiction?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Wednesday, 13, November 2019

Any drug rehabilitation program in the US that uses the holistic label can do so, even if not holistic therapies are offered. If you are considering holistic treatment as part of your rehabilitation, you should do some research and ensure the programs provides what it is you are looking for. Holistic is considered something that can be effective, yet there are others who see it as not having enough research to be used within a treatment center. However, a person's satisfaction with treatment is a motivator to remain in treatment and finish the program they are attending. If you know holistic treatment will help you and you want to use it, this is more of a reason for you to finish the treatment program you are attending. Holistic treatment can be effective in treating the physical parts of addiction. For example, acupuncture, massage, reiki, yoga, meditation, herbal medicines, and nutritional therapy, promote physical and healthy well-being. Holistic treatment can help with the physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. Natural ways to help stabilize the emotional imbalance caused by addiction has helped addicts. If you have a lack of spiritual grounding and want to gain more, holistic treatment will help. Nutritional therapy will improve unhealthy eating habits, and replenish your body with the proper nutrients it needs.

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The importance of what is done in treatment depends on what you want to get out of treatment. There are often false expectations among addicts who go to rehabilitation. Drug rehabilitation is effective, but if you fight the process every step, it will not work. Per the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), over a third of adults in American uses holistic medicine. Holistic treatment focusses on the individual's overall well-being, which includes treating the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. A well-rounded approach includes physical, mental, and spiritual treatment, which is what most holistic programs offer. Many of the practices are defined as being close to nature or come from a cultural tradition. Addiction consumes a person, and they no longer view the world as something they can be part of. When you are severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, your objective in life is maintaining your high, and there is nothing else. Holistic treatment can help you get back in contact with the environment around you while treating the addiction.

There is a wide range of treatments described as holistic. Holistic in combination with clinical therapy or counseling is an effective approach. If having holistic treatment as part of your rehabilitation is important to you, then you should pursue one of the many drug rehab centers providing it. These are often inpatient programs, yet some outpatient programs will incorporate holistic approaches into their programs. The rehabilitation process should address the entire individual and every aspect of the drug abuse problem. The underlying reasons should be treated and this should all be followed by effective aftercare treatment.