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Is Drug and Alcohol Prevention/Education Effective in New Mexico?

Created On Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On Tuesday, 29, September 2020

Drug and alcohol prevention programs in New Mexico operate through the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, which is part of the Behavioral Health Services Division with the New Mexico Human Services Department. The prevention program established an integrated and compressive substance abuse prevention service. This service is delivered with the promotion of sound policy, effective practice, and cooperative partnerships to ensure the availability of quality prevention. For example, the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention is committed to the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs. The priorities of this organization work to reduce underage drinking, such as binge drinking. It is also working to reduce prescription pain drug misuse.

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Drug prevention works with adults to help reduce adult binge drinking and DUI problems, along with reducing painkillers and opioid-related overdose deaths. Drug prevention within local communities across the state is often local coalitions working with state and or federal organizations. Drug prevention is an effective practice that does reduce the number of overdose deaths, drug addiction, and alcohol-related issues. When young people can receive proper drug prevention, they are more like to make responsible choices within their lives about drugs and alcohol. The drug prevention being delivered should always be current, and evidence-based information that is easy to communicate.

The New Mexico Department of Health provides extensive resources for drug prevention. Drug Rehab Services also provides some resources to locate drug prevention services within the state. Effective drug prevention starts within the schools and teaches students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. When students are learning this information, they can also relay this information on to other people. Drug and alcohol prevention and education are important within any community and play a major part in reducing the number of drug addictions.


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