Is Drug Addiction Worse Than Alcohol Addiction?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Saturday, 07, December 2019

This primarily depends upon the person, because both drugs and alcohol impact each person differently. There are numerous variables involved with considering whether either drugs or alcohol are worse than one another. In all retrospect, most drug addict's abuse of alcohol, and most alcoholics have and do experiment with other drugs. The combination of drugs and alcohol is dangerous, and the abuse of either individually is also dangerous.

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What will set apart how worse each substance is, will be the individual. For example, if an alcoholic or drug user has underlying mental-health problems, or is taking prescribed medications, or has experienced severe physical or emotional trauma; whatever substance they are using will be dangerous. Some drugs are more powerful than others, and some brands of alcohol will have higher percentages of alcohol content. It is the method and amount of each substance and the individual who will determine how dangerous either drugs or alcohol will be. The argument of saying one substance is worse than another is flawed, because it will all come down to the individual using it, how much they are using, and the underlying problems. The dangers of drug and alcohol addiction are very real, and regardless of the type of drug or alcohol, anyone abusing either drugs or alcohol or both should seek out help immediately.