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Is Drug Addiction Linked to the Spread of Disease?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

When you are abusing drugs, whether you are injecting the drugs or not, you are increasing your risk of infectious disease. Many of these diseases are transmitted by sharing contaminated drug injection equipment and by having unprotected sex. Injection drug users who do not enter treatment are up to six times more likely to become infected with HIV than those who go to drug rehab. A deadly consequence of the opioid crisis is an increased risk for contracting a disease, and this includes hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV and bacteria that cause heart infections. Along with this the chronic use of alcohol and drugs it taxes the immune system of an individual and potentially results in a weaker immune system. Addicts who abuse drugs chronically will become sick more often, and struggle to maintain a healthy life. Whether this is contracting the common cold or flu, or developing a more serious infection or disease, drug abuse increases your risk.

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The purpose of going to a drug treatment center in Louisiana is to treat your addiction, but also become healthy physically. Most drug treatment programs in the state incorporate nutritional therapy, and healthy routines to help the patient. Nutrition and health is an important part of drug treatment. Addicts going to residential drug rehab centers have a better opportunity to manage their health and take the time to improve it. While going to outpatient programs, most patients are taught about nutrition and exercise. When you are abusing drugs there is more of a likelihood to contract diseases and infection. This is a problem that many intravenous drug users struggle with. Sharing needles, pipes, and other drug-using equipment increases this risk. Developing a blood infection when using needles can result in serious health complications and even death. If you are struggling with addiction in Louisiana, it is important to find the right type of treatment and help.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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