Is Binge Drinking a Common Problem for Teenage Boys?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Wednesday, 11, December 2019

According to the Monitoring the Future Survey, binge drinking has continued to show a significant five-year decline among high school students.  Binge drinking among teen boys starts quite easily.  It often starts in the home when they are exposed to alcohol.  These are situations where parents are binge drinking or becoming intoxicated around their children.  When a child grows up seeing this, it becomes normal behavior.  Unfortunately, the child will then start to associate themselves with other students who are binge drinking.  However, in 2018 the percentage of high school teens who reported ever using alcohol dropped by around 58%.

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Teen alcohol abuse happens for any number of different reasons.  For many teen boys, it happens because of the crowds they associate with.  In other circumstances, being attached to high school sports teams can often lead to celebratory drinks.  Despite alcohol use among teens being on the decline.  Many families across the United States struggle with their young children abusing alcohol.  The alcohol is often found at home.  And most teen boys will report that they got their first drink from a friend or family member.

Limiting the exposure to alcohol in the home is the best place to start.  Much of what a child is learning is in the home.  Their parents are setting examples for them.  Children growing up seeing their parent's abuse alcohol excessively are more likely to do the same.  If parents educate their children properly and teach by example.  When they are introduced to alcohol by their friends, they will h ave enough sense to say no.