How Do You Help a Person with a Drug Addiction?


Created On: Monday, 21, October 2019
Modified On: Monday, 09, December 2019

If you want to help someone who has a drug addiction, then the first thing that you need to do is to make sure the person even has a problem. One way to determine if the individual has a problem with drugs is if they recently had a dramatic change in behavior. Some behavior changes could be such things as calling into work a lot, grades slipping or withdrawing away from family and friends. The fact is if your instincts tell you that the person has a drug problem, then they probably do. The best thing to do if you feel that the person is addicted to drugs would be to talk with the person. After talking to them you should talk to a professional counselor who deals with drug addictions because a professional can guide you on what you should do next. You can also talk to a trustworthy adult so you can get your friend help, as well.

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Another thing that you should do is try to help the person recognize that they have a drug problem. In most cases, this is done by going through an intervention. If you need help with learning more about interventions, then you can call our drug addiction hotline. In addition, it is often hard to face friends and family during an intervention thus getting the help of a counselor can usually ease some of the emotional stress.

One other thing that is very important is to let the person who has a problem understanding that you fully support them. Although you have to remember during the process of supporting someone, you must try not to be an enabler or put your own life at risk.

After an intervention, your loved one might choose to be in a drug rehab thus when they come out you should help them live a stress-free lifestyle. In addition, you should encourage them to go to meetings and attend any meetings that involve family members.

Remember, even if you and your friend lose the friendship of others you don't need to apologize just because you're helping your friend. The fact is you are clearly saving your friend's life and your own, as well. The truth be told everyday young adults and teens die from alcohol poisoning or drug overdoses so helping your friend become drug-free is certainly the right thing to do. In the end, you can prevent a life-threatening situation and help your friend regain control of their life.