How Should I Behave with a Relative Who Is in a Drug & Alcohol Rehab?


Created On: Saturday, 12, October 2019
Modified On: Friday, 18, October 2019

For most family members, loved ones, and friends there is a period of adjustment when someone first enters drug rehab, during their treatment, and after drug rehabilitation. The simple way to address this is to treat the person in treatment as you would want to be treated. There are two schools of thought, some believe that an addiction is a life-long disease and the addict must be treated as someone who has an illness. The other line of thinking is that addiction is not a life-long disease, and an addict is not an addict the rest of his or her life.

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While someone is in treatment, the best way to behave is to continually offer constant support and love. However, also be firm and not back down from wanting to get them help. There will be multiple times where an addict will want to leave drug rehab. When this happens, the family, friends, or loved ones should offer continuous support and be firm with them staying in treatment. This may also come down to laying down an ultimatum and forcing them to stay in treatment. The best way to behave when someone is in treatment is to offer support; drug and alcohol rehabilitation is not an easy process and there will be many ups and downs. The family should be directly involved with the treatment process as well and continue to offer love and support.