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How Has Marijuana Use Impacted Washington State?

Last updated: Wednesday, 30, September 2020

Recreational marijuana is legal in the state, and one in five 10th grade students reported riding with a driver who had used marijuana. Roughly 9% had reported driving within three hours of consumption. Between 2013 and 2014 close to 48% of the statewide student expulsion and 42% of the suspensions directly involved marijuana. Within that same year, around 98% of the student drug violations within the Seattle Public Schools resulting in expulsion was because of marijuana. The treatment admission for youth involving marijuana in the state with public programs remained between 66 and 70%. Marijuana is a widely used drug within the state among youth and adults.

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Up to 24% of the adults in the state between 18 and 25 had consumed marijuana at least once during the past month. Around 17% of adults used marijuana at least once a week and 6% were daily users. The past year marijuana use among adults in the state was 6% higher than the national average. Along with marijuana use in the state, alcohol abuse in combination with marijuana is a common problem among adults and teens. Marijuana impaired driving in the state accounts for 44% of the DUI cases. Close to 65% of the marijuana DUI cases reported by the Spokane Valley Police involved youth. It is a common misconception among many marijuana users in the state that marijuana does not impair judgment when driving a vehicle.

The most common marijuana-related crime reported to the Spokane Valley Police Department were possession, theft, and harassment. Marijuana is an addictive drug and is often always part of larger drug problems for most addicts within the state. When you are seeking out treatment for marijuana addiction is important to find a program that will meet all your treatment needs. The treatment for a marijuana addiction can be done through inpatient and outpatient programs within the state.


Nickolaus Hayes - Author

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